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anni ✿ 92-liner ✿ female ✿ from Estonia ✿ EXO ✿ INFINITE ✿ MBLAQ ✿ BLOCK B ✿ fanart ✿ makeup ✿ and occasionally cats ✿ luhan's face is a masterpiece (ノʘヮʘ)ノ*:・゚✧

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Derek Hale booty appreciation 2k14

yixing showing off his super-human dancing abilities


is this eurovision

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sungwoo doting on babyeol

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Zuhair Murad - Fall Winter 2013 2014

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This is Korean: 안녕하세요
This is Japanese: こんにちは
This is Chinese: 你好
They’re different.

imageIt all looks the same to me

lukai getting cozy with each other

how to dance the kyungsoo style

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eyes contact

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I cannot fucking breathe I swear to god if cats actually did this holy shit I would still watch this if it were 2 hours long I swear to god

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