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anni ✿ 92-liner ✿ female ✿ from Estonia ✿ EXO ✿ INFINITE ✿ MBLAQ ✿ BLOCK B ✿ fanart ✿ makeup ✿ and occasionally cats ✿ luhan's face is a masterpiece (ノʘヮʘ)ノ*:・゚✧

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luhan o-<-<


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140419 音乐榜上榜 EXO-M 上瘾 OVERDOSE Comeback

same, sehun, same

yixing containing his aggressive bunny gege

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#how many times have I quoted this in my lifetime #far too many and still not enough

Guys, btw, this is an actual insult

if he calls your mother a hamster, it indicates that she is a fast-breeding rodent— you can get the insult there

and if he says your father smelt of elderberries, well, wine was primarily made from elderberries in the time of king arthur. he’s calling his dad a drunk

more you know

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Happy Birthday Luhannie ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ

peter pan luhan and his tinkerbell minseok ・゚゚・。

Welcome To The XIUBOOTY World 。*゚


It takes me a really long time to come to realizations.